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The Internet has transformed how people communicate, what they do and how they work together. Now, attention has shifted to doing the same for machines.

For the past few years, systems developers have focused on interconnecting sensors, edge nodes and analytics to build smart systems, transforming operations into significant productivity environments.

These connected systems make up what is called the Industrial IoT (IIoT) ot the Industrial Internet of Things.

Free College Industrial Instrumentation Course Books
Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation - Tony 2017.pdf
Industrial Instrumentation An Introduction - Lewis 2002.pdf

What is Industrial Instrumentation?
What is an Instrument Technician?
Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation
Basic Instrumentation - Theory and Calibration
Basics of Control Loops in Control Systems
Basic of Electricity (The Fundamentals)

Instrumentation Technician - What is a Instrument Technician?

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Instrumentation Technician    (Set Quality to 1080p)  Watch the videos on YouTube

Instrumentation Introduction - What is Industrial Instrumentation

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Instrumentation Introduction    (Set Quality to 240p)  Watch the videos on YouTube
Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation

This video from 1990 shows an older control room with older equipment, but the process control is still the same! Only the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is much newer in most plants today.

But the process equipment is basically the same and all the principals are still the same. The instrumentation principals and physics do not change.

This Is A Very Important Video!

Basic Instrumentation - Primary Elements (Basic Instruments) and Calibration

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Basic Instrumentation    (Set Quality to 1080p)  Watch the videos on YouTube

Control Loops - Basics of Control Loops in Control Systems

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Basics of Control Loops    (Set Quality to 720p)  Watch the videos on YouTube

Basic Electricity - Introduction to Basics of Electricity (The Fundamentals)

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Basics of Electricity    (Set Quality to 720p)  Watch the videos on YouTube