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CSE (Control Systems Engineer)
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Focus of Examination is on
PetroChemical Plants
Control Systems
for Chemical Plants
Control Systems
for Factory Lines

About Our Video Training Courses Below - 30 Hours of Videos

This video series covers what the ISA Video Training does not cover.
They focus on the theory forgotten or not learned in college. The
videos are also an aid in studying my book "Control Systems Engineer
Exam Reference Manual Practical Study Guide".

Basic Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics for Process Control and
Pressure, what it is and how we measure it, are discussed first.

Then we cover calculations and practical applications of the process
equipment, from flow measurement, to how to size control valves, to
electrical enclosures, to tuning and dynamic control of process systems.

Most videos cover typical questions that may be asked on the PE (Professional Engineer) / CSE (Control Systems Engineer)
and the CCST (Certified Control Systems Technician) examinations.

Control Systems Exam Specifications - CSE/PE - CAP - CCST - CST Exams

PE/CSE Exam Specs

NCEES - Professional Engineer

Review for the Professional Engineers exam
using books and video coursework with labs.

CAP Exam Specs

ISA - Certified Automation Professional

Learn Manufacturing and Process Control
Maintenance, Software, Best Practices.

CCST I, II, III Exam Specs

ISA - Certified Control Systems Technician

Learn Instrumention and Calibration, PLC
Motor Controls, Troublshooting in Plants.

Free Exam Review Videos - NCEES PE/CSE (Professional Engineer) and ISA CCST

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Video Descriptions


Get The Study Guide - Control Systems Engineer Exam Reference Manual

Control Systems Engineer Exam Reference Manual - A Practical Study Guide

Prepare For The NCEES CSE/PE Professional Engineer Exam in Control Systems Engineering

This manual helps prepare the Professional Engineer (PE) candidate for the NCEES Practice of Engineering exam in the PE discipline option of control systems engineering (CSE).

The CSE exam covers a broad range of subjects from the electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering disciplines. This exam is not on systems theory, but on sound judgment of the application of process control systems and applicable codes. Basic process control systems (BPCSs) and safety instrumented systems
(SISs) are presented with some detail. Experience in engineering or designing process control systems is a necessity
to pass this discipline of the NCEES PE Principles and Practice of Engineering exam

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Basic Electricity for Beginners in Automation - Perfect for Mechanical and Chemical

Watch Electrical Basics videos below full screen    (Set Quality to 1080p HD)
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